If the beauty of life lies in the detail, then the jewellery you purchase to honour it should too.

As a brand, Why provides the discerning buyer with meticulously designed and manufactured jewellery straight from Cape Town, South Africa. The simplicity of sterling silver, freshwater pearls, gemstones and diamonds is offset by detailed designs, adding a timeless elegance to the collection.

If your heart is captured by an item, there is the option of it being personalised and produced in precious metals. Why is characterised by simplicity, and when looking a little further, by intricacies and detail.

So when asking why Why?, the answer is simple: Life lies in the details.

That’s why.









Metaxia’s design styles are influenced by her Greek custom, which encapsulates an elegance that conjures up old-world charm and modern simplicity. She states that in order “to create an exceptional design, one has to completely understand the source of inspiration, the emotions, the desires and thoughts encompassing the need to express these in the form of jewellery.”

Metaxia feels that as a designer, her responsibility is to listen to her client to ensure that the product delivers what the client truly desires. From the onset of the process, she strives to capture the essence of the client’s ideas to create a personalised design which reflects the client’s individuality and ideals. One part of her creative process embraces being curious, perceptive and unbound by rules, with the other meticulously ensuring that she has captured her client’s essence.

This multiple award-winning designer has been honoured by the following prestigious awards: Anglogold Ashanti Auditions (2013); De Beers Shining Light Awards (2009 and 2011) and PlatAfrica (2008).


Team WHY3